Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nobu Winter dinners

The other night my partner and I went to try the new Nobu winter tasting menus at the One&Only Waterfront.

I tried option one (five course for R299) and my partner tried option 2 (five courses for R330). We mutually agreed my option 1 kicked ass! Option 3 didn’t really excite either of us.

The sommelier was really good. He paired excellent wines with our different different and had a great knowledge of South African wines. (The wine pairing comes at quite a pricy amount – but if you have the moolah, do it.) Ooh and there's nothing like an over-sized wine glass to get me in the mood.

I do find the atmosphere a bit strange, it was a little cold and conversations really carry through out the room. Also, when we arrived, they didn’t have our booking details even tough I had double confirmed them that day (and it was not full).

The food may seem expensive, but if you consider the amount of different dishes you can taste on the ‘tasting menus’, it really is worthwhile treating someone you love (like your tummy) to this scrumptious outing.

Guys _ perhaps don’t come too hungry, as it isn’t the most filling.

Expect spicy, exotic flavours; lots of sea food and sushi. Oooh and i loved the fondant in the 'box'.

The special ends 31 August.

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