Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super 14 fever

All those who know me, know I am a SHARKS (rugby team of KZN for the ignorant) supporter. I know many of us are slinking in our seats with the disastrous performances and numerous losses (I cant count them all it makes my head hurt), but I’m still proud to call myself a SHARKS supporter.

But, in true Cape Townian style I went to watch a STORMERS game over the weekend. Not that they have too much to brag about either (but that’s nothing new!).

The great thing about live rugby is that it doesn’t matter who you really support, the atmosphere in the stadium is always super exciting!!! And you can’t help but get into the game.

The half time drinks were a bad idea. Ladies, never go into the bar unaccompanied!!! It’s madness!

But going to at least one of these games is something every individual should do, whether you get to see your team or not, you are supporting sport in south africa!

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