Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Detective Hoskins at it again...

An eye witness account of a break in at 4am... it was quite scary!! (but cool)

BF and I hear this noise, which wakes us up – check the time – 3:50am this morning...
Then another noise – like a bang
BF gets up to look outside the window (coz it sounds like its coming from the road?) But he cant see anything.
We hear a crash sound, or a smash sound. I get up to look out the window too.
Then we see this car – looking very dodgy on the street next to Ultra liquors (see drawing)
The car was driving around the corner very slowly and stopped.
We saw two guys running in the premises by Ultra Liquor. By this stage the alarm started going off.. Pew pew pew booop booop booop....
We were like – no ways – what the hell is going on.
For some reason the sound carries really well to our flat.
Because of where we are positioned, we are the only ones that can see the premises. Trees block other people’s view.
The dodgy car reverses back down the road next to Ultra liquors.
Two guys jump back over the fence – towards the car, with a white bin bag size bag.
As they put the stuff in the boot, a policecar turns into the road.
I think the policecar was simply there on a routine check because it was too soon for someone to have called them.

So then the driver accelerates, the dudes scatter in different directions.
The police car chases the dodgy car.
Three minutes or so later more police cars are all over the place. Chubb (SECURITY COMPANY) only arrives about 10 minutes later.
By this stage there is a lot of excitement (Detective Hoskins and BF) and a lot of noise outside.
A bunch of police cars and the person managing the Ultra liquors park in the parking lot.
BF and I then debate whether we should report everything we saw etc.
So we decide to meet the police at Ultra and tell them about our eye witness account.
Real exciting stuff.
It took about an hour or so to give them our statement, for them to write it down etc.
From my bedroom window we could see in which directions the other guys ran.
Great thing though -
They caught the driver!
The dodgy car was not a stolen one and did in fact belong to the driver.
The manager at Ultra gave us a couple red bulls.
(it was now about 6am)
The robbers had stolen (or attempted to steal) cartons of cigarettes... Light to carry and worth about R250 a pop these days.
But these were recovered.
Many more cigarette cartons were in a duvet cover in the shop – abandoned.

It's been too long...

It has really been too long since I last wrote!!
Well you see,
it’s because I have been on trial for a murder case…

Ok – I knew you wouldn’t buy that

It’s because I had a baby…
Ok – anyone that actually knows me will laugh this off

It’s because…
computer says no…

YES – one of the reasons is because I have spent too much time watching ‘Little Britain’ recently – it’s great!!!

The truth is: I have been really busy (I know we all say this) and lazy (less of us admit to this)...

I have been on numerous adventures, which definitely deserve some space – most notably the latest adventure of Detective Hoskins…

But please understand, I am currently in a temporary office space, which resembles something from the First World War trenches.

Ok - it's not that bad. But it's messy, cramped and some days it gets so hot I know my colleagues are considering suicide... via window jumping (we're on the 16th).

On that note – Cape Town has been experiencing the strangest 'winter'.

My newish flat mate (German guy - not so new anymore) is only in South Africa for three months, which unfortunately for him is over our winter period. But it might as well be summer the way the sun has been shining and the warm weather we’ve had. Last time I checked Cape Town wasn't in the KwaZulu of Natal (the only warm place in SA during winter).
All I am hoping is that it lasts!

We are having a bit of an overcast day today, and apparently it gets worse ¬–it’s chasing me all the way up to Port Alfred this weekend!
I am going up to the ‘P of A’ for wedding and taking my new 1920’s chic dress with me – so that I can look ”GORJUSS”…
But more on that after the wkd…
We have some catching up to do!